Karl Harmdierks Has a bachelor's in music composition, and a knack for arrangement that extends into video game soundtracks. Although he works with multi-track material, his first love is for solo piano, and secondarily, an uncanny need to create waltzes out of all the music he touches. Thankfully, it's not all waltzes on this site.

Nick Lammertyn Darkpearl is an excellent technical pianist currently training under some top pianists in his home country (belgium). Check out his bio for more info!

David Hsu Dhsu has been playing piano remixes for a few years now. His piano skills are excellent and he is currently studying computer science in university.

Mark Dillon 23 year old who lives in Ontario, Canada been playing piano since he was 8 and video games since he can remember!

Bonnie & Dennis Bonnie & Dennis have been part of this site since before it was a group. They record on a real piano from a wide variety of video games.

Daniel Brown Daniel is probably the pianist who best brings the "original feel" over to his arrangements. They always make me want to go back and play the game itself.

Bev Woof My first impressions of rexy were her faithful reviews of I think all of my songs on VGMix 2. Detailed accounts of piano happenings that I came to almost expect. It wasn't until the splendid performance together that I knew she actually played piano; and now here she is.

John Torkington Zoola was one of the last people I found when putting this site together. As far as I can tell he's fairly young but produces high quality arrangements from both a technical and emotional standpoint.